Eyelid Hygiene

Eyelid hygiene is a term that refers to the practices and techniques used to clean and care for the eyelids and the surrounding area. Good eyelid hygiene is important for maintaining the health and function of the eyelids and the eyes, and it can help to prevent a variety of problems, including dry eye, eye irritation, and inflammation of the eyelids.

There are a few different components of eyelid hygiene, including:

  • Gentle cleaning: It is important to clean the eyelids gently, using a mild soap and warm water or a special eyelid cleanser. Avoid using harsh or abrasive products, as these can irritate the skin and damage the eyelashes.
  • Eyelid scrubs: Eyelid scrubs are specially formulated products that are used to remove debris and bacteria from the eyelids. They may contain ingredients such as enzymes or surfactants to help loosen and remove debris.
  • Warm compresses: Placing a warm, moist compress on the eyelids for a few minutes several times a day can help to soften any blockages in the meibomian glands (the glands that produce oil to keep the surface of the eye lubricated) and promote drainage.
  • Eyelid massage: Gently massaging the eyelids with a clean finger can also help to soften any blockages and promote drainage.

It is important to schedule an appointment with us when it comes to eyelid hygiene, as different people may have different needs and preferences.

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